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Hi my name is Erica,  I am a wife, a mother, daughter, aunt, sister and friend.  I am a city and country girl  born in Palm Desert Ca and raised on my PaPa's cattle ranch near Fort Worth Texas during my younger years.  My parents divorced and I spent the rest of my life going back and forth between Texas country and California city.  So my heart is kind of split between the two, but starting my family in California is why I am "Stuck in Lodi" as the song goes...    The compromise: I have settled in a community that sits on the edge of town.  If I drive about 10 blocks to the other side of Hi Way 99, it is country all the way up to the Sierras.  God is good. 


I was a stay at home mom when my kids were young and through out.  I became interested in the Montessori Method in 2007.  It was one of those things where My spirit leaped and said this is Good!  I began my childcare after studying the method for a year.  My own children have gleened from me a respect for childhood while watching me work with the children.  This is priceless!  After having worked with infants and toddlers I am ready to integrate gardening and cooking on a larger scale for older children. (4+)


I have gleened a lot from Patti Moreno you tube clips on Urban Sustainable Living.   Wait!  Let me Introduce you to Patti     ( <- click ) Her videos are helping me with my gardening and I began juicing about three years ago.  So now I am learning about heirloom seeds and growing my own juice produce.  I love what Patti says about being a modern American HomeMaker and what is old is new again!   "Our Grandparents weren't stupid..." -she says!


My passion is my life long transformation into the Proverbs 31 woman.   I Love being a home maker!