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     Each Autumn, thousands of Monarch Butterflies gather in southern Canada to migrate south. Some of these butterflies travel over 2,900 kilometers, just to overwinter in places such as Michoacan, Mexico in a small town called Angangueo. Other Monarch Butterflies also overwinter in Cuba, and Pacific Grove, as well as Newark, California. In sanctuaries such as the one in Angangueo, Michoacan in Mexico there are millions of these gorgeous butterflies. From morning until about 1:00pm, they are most active. You can see them flying around and almost blocking the sky. You will hear the fascinating sound of their wings flapping. During their long flight there is a great danger from predators.

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Pulling it together!

These beautiful Butterflies are called the kings of the insect world.  The Monarch.  When they break free from the cocoons they travel out into the world much like our children, when they launch from our homes and travel out into the world.  This traveling must be exhausting for both.  The Monarchs must be well prepared and our children must be well prepared.  The Montessori Method aims to achieve this "successful launching" in a very balanced and natural way.  It starts by understanding the gift of childhood.  It starts early.  It respects the parents as teachers first and then parents and teachers work together for the child's future.