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By clicking on one of these links you will be taken to the "You Tube" site to veiw the video.  These are the best four I found to describe the Montessori Method. 


Introduction to Montessori:


Montessori 0-3 years


Montessori 3-6 y ears


You Tube User Tim Seldin has great videos to look through:


Also, You Tube user  Ericdvid2 has great videos:


Finally, Contact me for My home channel:


After viewing these videos I hope your interest in the Montessori Method will have peeked and that you will further investigate this method.  I hope this site has been helpful to parents. 

While my credentialing studies are in the (3-6) program, I am and have naturally picked up information for the Infant Toddler Level too.  This is an amazing program... Thank You for visiting -Erica