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Teach me to do it my self



Welcome to the Monarch Montessori Cafe!

A place to learn about taking care of the whole child...  


Whether you are a parent or a provider who really cares about children I believe you will enjoy this site.  I am a provider with my own childcare link in the navigation bar at the bottom if you wish to skip through this part.  If not, then pour yourself a glass of ice tea or a latte' (I wish I could get it for you) and spend some time here.  


I have turned several parents onto Montessori.  Many have heard of it and some never have but when they began to understand the value of this method for their child, adjusted their priorities and began to implement the Montessori philosophy.  The pace is yours and your families.  The easiest way to get started is the tab in the navigation bar "Montessori For The Home"


So what is this all about anyway?  We believe the environment of the child, if carefully thought out can provide wonderful opportunities for the beginning of laying down a foundational work that is so needed in today's child. This work teaches the child to be master of him/herself.  When a child has control over himself you will see rooms picked up, very little tantrums, no need for external rewards, an appreciation and respect for others and a wonderful ability to learn and absorb the world around him/her.  


If you want a snapshot of how other parents are doing this go to the "Blog Roll".  See if you are not inspired! As you know, we learn in many different ways, so I tried to put up several avenues for exploration.  Pick one and get started!  


This website was created by Erica Thomas a student of the Montessori Method.