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Foundations & Philosophy

Absorbent Minds

Maria believed in our fast paced adult centered world we neglect to see our dependence on children.  Her conviction was that we have great hope for peace and unity in the world, if only we would train ourselves to observe our children's development potential in the area of character & personality while it is being constructed in early childhood.


"To explain the self-construction, Montessori concluded he must posses within him, before birth, a pattern for his psychic unfolding.  She referred to this inborn, psychic entity of the child as a "spiritual embryo."  This embryo is comparable to the original fertilized cell of the body.  This cell does not contain the adult form in miniature, but rather a predetermined plan for its development.  In a similar way, the child's psychic growth is guided by a predetermined plan for its development, not visible at birth."

-Paula Polk Lillard, Montessori, A Modern Approach

Sensitive Periods 

Sensitive periods are blocks of time with in the time frame of the absorbent mind (0-6) when he is particularly absorbed and interested in something in their environment to the exclusion of everything else.  Often the child can be seen repeating over and over a particular sequence of exercises for no apparent reason. 


He is often working toward completion or perfection.  This motivation is purely driven by the child's need to connect with his world and find out who he is and what he is made of.  The more the child engages in activities the more he develops and understands himself.