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"We first met Erica when our son was 4 months old and he is now age 3-years, 6-months . It was nerve racking to leave a little helpless baby with someone we did not know. But Erica was very open and honest and it didn't take long to gain our trust. I was a little familiar with the Montessori Method but gained a much greater understanding through Erica and her wonderfully organized Montessori activities.  Our son really flourished and loved the hands on learning. He started pre-school at age 3 and the teachers were so impressed with his fine motor skills and how quickly he learns. He was putting together puzzles that 4 year old kids could not put together. He even held a pencil correctly, thanks to t he pencer grasp activites Erica worked on with him. Having our son in Thomas Family Childcare was a great and treasured experience."  Jake and Lori

"Erica took care of our son at her daycare when he was 6 months old. For any new parent, it's a nerve racking process to find somebody you can entrust your baby with. I visited several home-based daycares and interviewed a few nannies because I wanted to make the right decision. Our decision to send him to Erica was based on her warm personality and lovely home, and her knowledge and passion for the Montessori method. The Montessori philosophy wasn't something that I was looking for specifically at the time, but the way she had her home organized for different Montessori activities–not to mention the cleanliness and the inviting atmosphere of her home–stood out among the rest of the daycares that I had visited. The toddlers that she was caring for were attached to her, and were well behaved; they were able to sit in a chair and feed themselves, or focus on an activity. I think the moms learned a lot from Erica as well, not just the kids. When our family had to move out of the city, I really wished she could have moved with us! I highly recommend Erica as a wonderful caretaker and educator for your child." –Rie , Berkely Ca.


Erica Thomas is an exceptional Montessori educator and child care-provider.  She maintains a positive environment of respect.  Because of Erica's example and enthusiasm, and our move to Sacramento, we attempted to find a Montessori care-provider with the same level of devotion to our child as we observed in Erica.  Unfortunately, for us, we could not find anything as exceptional as Erica Thomas in our community.  Lodi and Stockton families are fortunate to have such a gifted Montessori care-provider available today:  We couldn't recommend Erica Thomas more highly.  Mr. & Mrs. Murray, Sacramento CA.