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Maria Montessori Time Line:


1870  Maria Montessori was born into a family on August 31, in Ancona, Italy .  Through a series of events, some fortunate and some not, like the unfolding of a napkin, Maria came to a thorough understanding of how children learn.  This is now called the, "Montessori Method"


1892 Having overcome the societal norms of a "mans world" during her college life, Maria was awarded her degree as doctor of medicine.  She receives her appointment as a surgical assistant at Santo Spirilo Hospital.  She was the first woman Doctor in Italy.


1897 Maria speaks in Turin, Italy, at a national conference on children who are mentally retarded.


1898 Maria joins the National League for the Education of Retarded Children.  During this time she educates a group of retarded children who test even with the regular children.  This is when she saw what she called, "The Great Travesty"   She was very disturbed about the education of regular children and began to observe and study how children really learn. She uncovered sensitive periods where learning is at its' peak and absorbent minds where children learn unconsciously.  Maria also realizes that these early years are foundations for life and becomes dedicated to this study of children. 


Maria is initially influenced by two French doctors Itard and Seguin on the treatment of the mentally ill.  Then, in the area of education Rousseau, Pestalozzi and Froebel.  Eventually she combines the two areas of study and the Montessori Method emerges as a form of early childhood care.  


1899 Maria receives an award for outstanding service in hospitals.  Maria lectures in Paris and London, where she is presented to Queen Victoria.


1901 Maria returns to the University of Rome as a student of teaching, hygiene and psychology.


1907 Maria opens her first Children's House, Casa de Bambini, in San Lorenzo, a suburb of Rome. 

1909 The first Montessori training course is held at Citta di Castello


1910 At age 40, "The Montessori Method" is published.  Shortly thereafter, Maria gives up her university post and hospital work to concentrate full time on lecturing, writing, and organizing.


1911 An American magazine, Mc Clure's, publishes a long article about Montessori.  By the end of the year, the first American Montessori school opens in New York. 

The Montessori Method becomes a standard system used in Italian and Swiss public schools.

1914 Publication of Dr. Montessori's own Handbook.  Opening of first Casa de Bambini, Holland 


1915 Third International Training Course, San Francisco. Model Classroom Exposition. Second trip to United States


1916 Publication of The Advanced Montessori Method.


1917 - 1924 Lecture and trainings in Amsterdam, London and Paris


1926 Speaker at League of Nations, Geneva.  Lectures in Berlin.  Formation of Montessori Society, India.  Private audience with Mussolini.