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Our Baja Day Care mission

New! Check This Out! A Similar Montessori Homebased Program

California Montessori Project, Fair Oaks

American Montessori International

Shirley Parenteau -Author I met and like "Frogs"

Lynn Hazen -author I met and liked "bees"

On this page are links to Erica's church, missions involved in,  and college links.
We hope they educate, inform, or simply entertain.
Why the name Monarch Montessori?
This spring my good friend who is a teacher here at Lodi High invited me to her families cottage in Pacific Grove Ca.  This is mine and my husband's favorite place to go.  So I went.  Since my husband was out of town it was just us girls (no husbands).  I met my friends sister from Stockton who is also a Montessori teacher.  We had lots to talk about.  She was like a mentor to me. 
We walked down to the beach two blocks away and saw some left behind Monarchs.  It struck my interest to learn about them.  Upon returning to the cottage I watched a video they just happen to have about these butterflies .  I learned about the amazing journey they take up and down the west coast every year.  I began to relate what I had learned to Montessori and came up with Monarch Montessori, foundations for lifes journey... Visit the "Friends of The Monarchs" web site.    

Cornerstone Church of Lodi

Friend Kevin Cross, a teacher from Lodi, now a missionary in Baja Mexico

India childrens missions"Children of the Hour"