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Living Room


Here are some ways to introduce Montessori learning into your home.

Toys and Play Areas
Children should have a "main" play area that is prepared in an attractive and safe manner. Small areas in other rooms are also appropriate.


Young Children:

1. Low Shelves
2. Select Toys and Books in manageable quantities
3. Containers for each separate toy
4. Label containers with photographs or pictorial representation of toy- also try labeling the shelf with same
5. Display books so front of book is seen
6. Main play area plus spaces in other rooms
7. Model putting toys away

8. Have a feather duster or cleaning supplies for the child to clean the shelves and toys

9. Rotate toys- keep an area of the home where toys can be stored when not in use


Emergent Readers: Same but add:
1. Word labels with picture
2. Increase the quantities of items

3. Have child help to organize, label and sort toys
4. Have a job chart to indicate when toys and shelving should be dusted
5. Add a "desk" area with lamp
6. Add a clock to their room- digital and regular clock face


Older Students:

1. Label toys and games if necessary

2. Game pieces can be stored in small containers that are labeled

3. Add a study area that is quiet and conducive to promoting good study habi