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rough outline of non-profit:

My goals to put together a research committee that so far consist of 4 great women and myself:


Phase 1:

To go to business college


To send three of these four women to Montessori Teachers College


To establish each one with an internship


To begin organizing all contacts within the Montessori & Christian communities as well as contacts from each member of the committee.  As well as gather all curriculum providers contact info. and private schools info.


Phase 2:

To establish a non-profit for C.E. Education Reform


To establish a timeline for progress and projects. (each phase one yr?)


To begin research on all sorts of private schools and their environments.  Primarily, Christian and Montessori and especially "Christian Montessori" schools.  Conclude what is the true vision for children?


Phase 3:

To begin pulling Christian Education together with The Montessori Method & Environment, forming plans for implementation in private schools in churches across America, -starting with 0-6 and quickly immediatly forming a model for spreading all the way up to 12th grade.


Phase 4:

To form presentations, and align speakers for engagements to begin getting the word out.  (graduating from Business College)


Phase 5:

Implementation:  To begin to help breathe life into the "dry bones" of Americas Children by not treating them like products on an assembly line. 


***Let us get rid of the old antiquated model of warehousing our children in public schools starting with private schools!


For more information on Ed Reform you may download: